Welcome to our Flavoured Milk Market 2017 & Beyond Report

Crammed with 173 pages of insight essential to your success in this growing market, our Report overcomes the weaknesses many other reports suffer – having too much data and too little useful analysis.

Who This Report Is For:

Designed for those already in, or gearing to enter the growing UK Flavoured Milk Market, the report is a must-buy for roles including:

  • Brand Owners
  • Marketing & Brand Managers
  • Category, Research, Insight & NPD Professionals
  • Commercial Sales
  • Bankers, VCs, Analysts, Senior Financial Professionals
  • European Insight/Category Professionals looking to learn from the UK market

What You Discover

A broad and deep range of insight into this specialist market, from a team with 15 years’ experience in the industry:

  • The Evolution of a Dynamic, Ever-Changing Category
  • The Hottest Trends In Flavoured Milk and their Underlying Drivers
  • The 6 Power Categories you MUST Address To Succeed
  • The Impact of Global, EU & UK Specific Trends
  • Full UK Market Pricing Data
  • In-Store Merchandising Layouts & Planagrams
  • Forward Projections, Evidence-Based and Grounded in Data
  • The Future of the Market post-Brexit and Sugar-Tax & All Other Significant Occasions……

How The Report Equips You To Succeed

We understand, having worked client-side, how much there is to consider when entering & developing in a market, such as product format, recipe, demographics, packaging & merchandising.

Buy Our Report to gain knowledge that examines, informs & illuminates how you can leverage this growing market, including the:

  • Essential Market Metrics of Flavoured Milk – & Why You Need To Know Them
  • Identifiers to rapidly gain more listings using our Category Analysis
  • Price Positioning of All The Market Players
  • All Major Occasions within the market Ready For You To Exploit

How The Report Helps You Avoid Failure

It’s not just the embarrassing failure of product launches, diversifications & expansions to be wary of.

It’s also the wasted opportunity of losing ground to your competitors in an expanding market.

Buy the report to immediately access insight that enables you to de-risk your commercial decisions, including:

  • The 5 Demographic Segments to Focus Your Activity on & Avoid Low Sales
  • All of the Macro Trends, to Deliver Scale To What Was A Niche Category
  • How To Calibrate Your Plans Against Competitors
  • Minimising The Effect of Brexit & The Sugar Tax On Your Future Plans
  • Understanding Your Competitors’ Strengths & Weaknesses

Report Produced By Independent Specialists

We’ve all read the monotonous reports churned out by massive data companies, written by an analyst looking at milk one week, cigarettes the next.

As HRA Food & Drink Consultants, we are a boutique consultancy made up of a team with over 60 years’ experience in FMCG products, and over 15 years in the dairy industry.


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