Market Research

Numerous multinational food and drink companies, suppliers and potential investors choose us to conduct market research to help them understand their trade channels and consumers better; including Britvic, Tesco, Highland Spring, Raisio and Fair Trade International.

With career backgrounds in retailing, food manufacturing and consulting, nobody else has our unique understanding of both trade and consumer behaviour in grocery.

We stand out from other market research agencies as we specialise in food and drink and so we understand the ins and outs of how and why shoppers respond to products. We have a strong reputation for neutrality and objectivity with retailers, manufacturers and government.

With our extensive experience of both quantitative or qualitative techniques, we design the most robust methodology for your requirements to get you the specific answers you need.

Whether it’s market testing a new flavour, understanding supermarket buyer behaviour, looking for consumer input into your new packaging or re-segmenting a category, we go beyond the brief to deliverable actionable insight.

We deliver all projects to a high standard, both in terms of methodological robustness and ethical standards, in line with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

As well as bespoke research, we also offer a range of Market Reports which give you the insight you need to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

The Flavoured Milk Market 2017 & Beyond

The UK Gluten Free Market Report