We can help at all stages of the export process – from deciding on which channels and stores you want to target and how to get your products here, selecting which of your products would appeal best to a UK audience and how they should be priced, right through to helping you with your UK marketing.

With over 60 years combined experience in exporting within the team, we have developed an extensive network of UK agents, importers and distributors. Through getting to know you business and considering what you want from the market, we can advise you on which of these agencies is the best partner for you. It’s important to get these partnerships right from the start as signing a contract with a distributor who doesn’t understand you business will ultimately be a waste of time, energy and money.

As well as introducing you to the right partners, we can provide expert guidance in all aspects of the exporting journey:

We like to guide clients through the exporting journey from start to finish, making a complex process as easy on you as possible. This usually starts with providing you with the ‘Need to Knows’ about the UK market and your specific category as having this background knowledge is essential to allowing potential customers to take you seriously. Looking at your products and your ambitions, we will then offer specific guidance on channel choice, route to market and the practicalities of exporting.